5 Tips for Locking Your Bike

As the popularity of e-bikes continues to soar, so does the importance of protecting your bikes. Your e-bike is a valuable investment, and taking the necessary steps to lock it securely is crucial. In this blog post, we will provide you with some tips for ensuring the utmost security for your e-bike.

Invest in a High-Quality Lock:

Your e-bike deserves a lock that matches its value. Opt for a premium U-lock or a heavy-duty chain lock made from hardened steel. These types of locks offer superior resistance against bolt cutters and other tools commonly used by thieves.

Utilize Multiple Locks:

Adding an extra layer of security by using multiple locks can significantly deter thieves. Employ a combination of locks, such as a U-lock and a cable lock, to safeguard different parts of your e-bike (for example, your saddle and your front and rear wheel). This strategy not only increases the difficulty for thieves but also ensures that even if one lock is compromised, the others provide added protection.

Secure Valuable Components:

Thieves often target e-bike components such as batteries and motors, which hold substantial value. Secure these components individually with additional locks or consider removing them when parking your e-bike for an extended period. By doing so, you minimize the appeal to thieves and make your e-bike less attractive as a target.

Choose a Secure Parking Location:

When selecting a parking spot for your e-bike, prioritize safety and visibility. Look for well-lit areas with high foot traffic, preferably equipped with surveillance cameras. Public bike racks or designated parking areas near establishments are ideal choices. Avoid secluded or dimly lit areas, as they provide cover for thieves to operate unnoticed.

Lock Your Bike Down to Something:

It is necessary that you lock your bike down to something heavy (for example, to your riding partner’s e-bike) or to some fixed installations (for example a bike rack or a railing or a pole). This is an added deterrent and makes it more difficult for thieves to just carry your e-bike away (so that they can work on breaking the locks later).

Register Your E-Bike and Install GPS Tracking:

DERUIZ e-bikes have unique serial numbers, and the company keeps records of each customer’s frame serial number upon purchase. In the unfortunate event of theft, promptly report it to the police and reach out to the DERUIZ support department for assistance. Additionally, consider registering your bike’s serial number with local authorities or installing a GPS tracking system, which can help in recovering your bike if it gets stolen.

Have you picked the perfect bike for your needs? Visit DERUIZ website now and place your order. This time, beyond, with DERUIZ!

We Like Bikes – Our New Partner Workshop in Germany

Looking for a professional bicycle mechanic for your Deruiz E-bike? We Like Bikes is now a maintenance and repair center for Deruiz products. We Like Bikes offers flexible appointment scheduling and is always there for you with the best service.

Since 2017, We Like Bikes has offered mobile repair services in Munich and Rosenheim. Currently, We Like Bikes has 7 mechanics in Germany and a store in Haar/Munich.

As the name suggests, We Like Bikes and we like them a lot! We do it out of passion for the world of bicycles. You can contact us by email, telephone, or visit our website to schedule a personal workshop appointment.

The collaboration between Deruiz ebike and We Like Bikes ensures that your e-bike is always in top condition. If you need support with a Deruiz E-bike, you can contact We Like Bikes

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VROOM-repair DERUIZ partner workshop in Frankfurt Metropolis

DERUIZ EBIKE is excited to share the exciting news: VROOM-repair, an emerging player in the bike scene since 2022, is now our exclusive partner for after-sales service in the pulsating metropolis of Frankfurt.

VROOM-repair was born out of a passion for bicycles and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. The team consists of experienced two-wheeled masters, agile mechanics, logistics experts and administrative geniuses who all share a common love of bikes and a unique style factor. At DERUIZ EBIKE we appreciate this dedication and share the vision of raising the level of service for our customers.

First-class service right in your neighborhood

VROOM-repair makes bicycle service as easy as it’s ever been. With a state-of-the-art workshop hub in Frankfurt, they not only offer high-tech workstations, but also a fully automated wash system to get your DERUIZ EBIKE gleaming again. The service is quick, hassle-free and affordable so you can relax while VROOM-repair takes care of your DERUIZ e-bike.

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Cycling in Rain: Essential Tips for a Safe Ride

Cycling is a popular outdoor activity that offers numerous health benefits. However, when engaging in outdoor activities, unforeseen circumstances can arise, such as rain. While we don’t recommend cycling in the rain or exposing your e-bike to prolonged moisture, there are measures you can take to ensure a safe ride. 

Preparation for your bike

Rainy conditions can make roads slippery, so it’s crucial to take precautions before heading out. Start by checking your tires and consider slightly deflating them to increase the contact area with the ground. At the same time, investing in high-quality tires is essential. DERUIZ bikes are equipped with high-quality tires that are durable, especially the Mica series, featuring Schwalbe Marathon series known for their exceptional stability and traction.

Ensure your bike has a powerful LED lighting system to enhance visibility. Many DERUIZ models, especially the Quartz series, come with innovative designs and feature a strong 50-lux LED front lighting and integrated rear brake light, improving safety.

Adjusting your riding style and allowing for increased braking distance is crucial in rainy conditions. DERUIZ bikes, particularly the Mica series equipped with the TEKTRO T275 hydraulic braking system, offer excellent braking performance, ensuring superior control and safety during ride.

DERUIZ electric bicycles are also equipped with fenders to protect the front, back, and rear from road spray. These fenders also prevent water and debris from entering the bike frame’s down tube, making it easier to clean both your clothes and the bike frame.

Preparation for yourself

In addition to bicycle preparations, proper waterproof gear is essential.

Wearing reflective clothing or bright-colored attire makes you more visible in the rain, making it easier for drivers to see you.


Stay dry and comfortable throughout your journey by wearing breathable waterproof jackets and pants. Wear more waterproof shoes.

Enhance visibility and prevent raindrops from obstructing your vision by using a helmet cover specifically designed for rainy conditions.

Post-Ride Maintenance

After riding in rain, it’s crucial to give your bike some extra care to prevent any damage.

Dry Your Bike: Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off any excess water from your bike, paying particular attention to the drivetrain, brakes, and frame.

Lubricate Moving Parts: Apply lubricant to the chain, sometimes to derailleurs, and other moving parts to prevent rust and ensure smooth operation.

Check for Damage: Inspect your bike for any signs of damage, such as cracks, loose bolts, or worn-out brake pads. Address any issues promptly.

More to explore

Visit DERUIZ website now and discover our amazing collection of electric bicycles that have everything you need. Experience the joy of riding with DERUIZ!

Super Cycles: Your DERUIZ Ebike Specialist in Munich!

Experienced Bike Workshop: At Super Cycles bike workshop, a trained and experienced team is available to take care of your bikes and DERUIZ e-bikes. Whether it’s emergency repairs, inspections or maintenance – Super Cycles offers a quick and hassle-free service. We recommend regular inspections on site in Munich to ensure flawless operation.

Exclusive Test Rides with DERUIZ ebike: Discover the world of DERUIZ ebike! Super Cycles offers you the unique opportunity to test the latest models of DERUIZ ebike. Experience innovation, style and comfort during a test ride at Super Cycles shop in Munich.

Excellent Partnership for Mobility: Super Cycles shares DERUIZ ebike’s vision of revolutionizing urban mobility through high-quality, innovative and environmentally friendly means of transportation. As your reliable partner in Munich, we are proud to be part of this movement.

Visit Super Cycles and experience the fusion of quality, service and passion for cycling.

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Schotterbock Announced as Official Repair Partner for Deruiz E-Bikes!

We’re pleased to announce that Schotterbock is now an official repair partner for Deruiz E-Bikes.

The team at Schotterbock consists of a dedicated and experienced specialist group ranging from engineers to metalworkers to technicians. A shared passion for cycling brings us together and forms the foundation for our successful collaboration. As a registered brand, Schotterbock stands for high-quality bicycles and accessories.

Deruiz E-Bikes: Quality Meets Service

This partnership allows us to offer our customers even more variety and quality. We’re proud to have been selected as the official repair partner for Deruiz E-Bikes. Our technicians receive specialized training to ensure your Deruiz E-Bike stays in optimal condition.

Service Offerings for Deruiz E-Bikes at Schotterbock

  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Fixes

Visit us at Schotterbock for professional service and first-class Deruiz E-Bike repairs.

We look forward to welcoming you into our shop and supporting you with our experience and passion for cycling. Please contact us with any questions or for more information on our Deruiz E-Bike service offerings. Make Schotterbock your go-to for Deruiz E-Bike repairs and services!

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HANN-BIKES: Your New Local deruiz ebike Expert!

We are pleased to announce that HANN-BIKES has become a proud partner and authorized dealer of deruiz ebike! This exciting collaboration combines the premium biking experience of deruiz ebike with the expertise and excellent service of HANN-BIKES. Here you will find not just bikes, but a complete package tailored to your individual needs.

Professional Workshop Service:

The bicycle workshop at HANN-BIKES is run by trained and experienced staff who will take care of your bikes. Whether it’s emergency repairs, inspections or maintenance – you can contact us by email or phone to arrange a personal workshop appointment for a quick and hassle-free service of bikes or e-bikes. For minor issues we offer help without long wait times to get your bike back on the road quickly. For faultless operation, a bike should undergo a thorough inspection at a local specialized workshop in Hüllhorst-Oberbauerschaft on a regular basis. HANN-BIKES checks all screw connections, adjusts gears and brakes, and examines typical wear parts for their current condition.

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“Dein Fahrrad” named official Deruiz e-bike service and test center in Dortmund

Welcome to “Dein Fahrrad“, your reliable partner for two-wheel mobility! We are proud to announce that Dein Fahrrad is now an authorized service and test location for Deruiz e-bikes. This exciting partnership allows us to offer you an even more comprehensive service around high-quality e-bikes.

Consultation and purchase of Deruiz e-bikes:

Immerse yourself in the world of Deruiz e-bikes and let our competent “Dein Fahrrad” team advise you. We help you find the perfect e-bike that meets your individual needs.


Test rides on site: 

Experience the fascination of Deruiz e-bikes directly at “Dein Fahrrad” in our store. Take the opportunity for extensive test rides to experience the unique performance and riding comfort of our electric bicycles firsthand.

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Bueno-Bikes – Your Trusted Local Partner

Bueno-Bikes has established itself as a knowledgeable and reliable bicycle dealer. With over 15 years of experience in manufacturing and selling e-bikes/pedelecs, they offer customized solutions and first-class service.

What this partnership means for you:

1.Maintenance and Repair: Bueno-Bikes will be an official maintenance and repair center for deruiz ebike products. Our trained team is ready to ensure that your e-bike remains in excellent condition.

2.Test Rides: Bueno-Bikes will be an official location for test rides with deruiz ebike. Experience the performance, comfort, and innovation of our electric bicycles on-site.

3.Consultation:The experienced team at Bueno-Bikes is available to answer your questions and provide guidance in selecting the perfect deruiz e-bike that meets your needs.

Your Path to Your Dream E-Bike:

1.Visit Bueno-Bikes: Drop by Bueno-Bikes to experience the latest deruiz ebike models and receive personal advice.

2.Test Ride: Take the opportunity for a test ride and feel the excitement and comfort of our electric bicycles.

3.Maintenance and Repair: Bueno-Bikes will take care of the maintenance and repair of your deruiz e-bike to ensure optimal performance and safety.

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Your exclusive partner for Deruiz ebike in Dortmund

Warmly welcome E-FATBIKE-Store-Dalhof, the leading electric bike expert in the Dortmund area !

We are thrilled to announce that E-FATBIKE-Store-Dalhof has become the official partner and authorized dealer of deruiz ebikes. This exciting development brings the opportunity for customers in the Dortmund area to explore a world of high-quality electric bikes with exceptional designs and cutting-edge technology.

As the official testing center for deruiz ebikes in Dortmund, E-FATBIKE-Store-Dalhof offers you the chance to personally experience the outstanding performance and unique riding experience of deruiz ebikes. Come visit E-FATBIKE-Store-Dalhof for a test ride and immerse yourself in the ultimate electric bike experience.

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Rycu Tweewielers: Your New Deruiz E-Bike Partner Shop

Promoting Eco-Friendly Mobility: The Rycu Tweewielers Story

The origins of Rycu Tweewielers date back to 2017. At that time, the company recognized the potential of high-quality used e-bikes in the Dutch market. After several years of intensive market research and training in service and sales, Rycu Tweewielers GmbH was founded in April 2021. The goal of this founding was to meet customer needs by offering high-quality products at reasonable prices. Rycu Tweewielers distributes both new and used bicycles and also offers mechanical services for electric and conventional bicycles. By collaborating with numerous stores and factories throughout the EU, the product range is constantly expanded. Rycu Tweewielers‘ corporate philosophy aims to promote environmentally friendly mobility in combination with riding comfort.

Rycu Tweewielers as Official Deruiz Partner Shop

Deruiz ebike is pleased to announce that Rycu Tweewielers is now the official partner shop for our high-quality electric bicycles. This collaboration marks a significant step in our mission to offer world-class electric mobility.

Thank you to Rycu Tweewielers for partnering with us and supporting environmentally friendly transportation. We look forward to further expanding this partnership and conquering the streets of the Netherlands with our innovative electric bicycles.

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DERUIZ Black Friday: Exclusive Deals Just for You!

As a hit brand for e-bikes newly listed at Otto/Kaufland in 2023, DERUIZ is bringing our slogan “THIS TIME, BEYOND” to life by making advanced technologies affordable for more people.

From November 8th to 27th, you’ll find numerous discounts when purchasing your dream e-bike on the DERUIZ website. Whether as a special gift or for your own enjoyment – choosing a Deruiz e-bike is a smart decision.

To allow worry-free shopping, we’ve made some adjustments to our return policies and delivery in light of our very active logistics business:

  • The return period has been extended to 21 days, giving you more time to think over and decide if you want to keep your e-bike.
  • Within the European Economic Area, DERUIZ offers free delivery so you don’t have any additional shipping costs.
  • When purchasing any two e-bikes, the system will automatically apply a €100 discount at checkout.

This means you can choose a DERUIZ e-bike with peace of mind and enjoy the convenience of free home delivery.

Let’s now take a look at the highlight products of this Black Friday deal and the discounts for each model!


  • A side bag worth €59 is gifted
  • First-time customers who purchase a DERUIZ Ebike and register as a user will receive a €50 discount coupon.
  • When purchasing 2 ebikes of any kind, the system automatically grants a discount of €100 at the checkout.

We have analyzed a very popular product of the competition, Model A**. Both have a low step-in height, the same motor and display unit. The Quartz battery is larger at 299Wh, it uses the 48V system instead of the 36V system of other manufacturers. Moreover, the Quartz is already €350 cheaper. Thanks to excellent equipment and a fair price, the Quartz is the star product for the commute. Since its market launch in March, it has been particularly popular at Otto.

Parameter comparison:


  • €50 discount
  • First-time customers who purchase a DERUIZ Ebike and register as a user will receive a €50 discount coupon.
  • When purchasing 2 ebikes of any kind, the system automatically grants a discount of €100 at the checkout.

The Mica is a classic trekking bike with an 80Nm DERUIZ mid-mounted motor and a large 644Wh 48V battery. The range is 120km according to the NACH standard. The normal price is €1999. A competitive model, type F****** C*****, has a 36V 504Wh battery with the same range but costs €2799 – almost €800 more. Given the differences in capacity and voltage, it remains to be seen whether the ranges are truly equal.

Parameter comparison:

while enjoying an extra boost from within. Mica easily handles hilly terrain. Whether you’re cruising on city streets or exploring off-road trails, the MICA will take you far and beyond in style and comfort. You can spend countless hours on Mica.


  • €50 discount
  • First-time customers who purchase a DERUIZ Ebike and register as a user will receive a €50 discount coupon.
  • When purchasing 2 ebikes of any kind, the system automatically grants a discount of €100 at the checkout.

The Mica-G is also a classic low-step model for people between 160-190cm tall. Thanks to its versatile uses and excellent value for money, the Mica-G has enjoyed great popularity since its introduction and counts among the most recommended mid-mounted electric bikes at Otto and Kaufland. A similar model from brand A costs €2579 and is thereby €580 more expensive, but offers 140Wh less battery capacity. The Mica-G additionally convinces with its SHIMANO ALTUS 9-speed gear system.

Parameter comparison:

Unlike some competitors who make a big show of only lowering prices or not even providing bundle deals, DERUIZ focuses on excellent value for money and continuously implements discounts in everyday business. As our slogan says: This time, beyond. If you’re looking for a reliable e-bike you can recommend to friends and family, DERUIZ is the top choice.

If you have any questions about coupons or using the Black Friday deal, you can request help from the chatbot and then select the option for human support. We’ll be happy to assist you personally. We wish you lots of fun shopping and saving money, as well as a happy holiday season.