DERUIZ – To the Path of Innovatio

Mar 01 2023

With enthusiasm and determination, the two founders of the company plunged into the electric bicycle industry in 2009. At that time, electric bicycles were still a new product in the market, and building them was seen as an unexplainable luxury, a dangerous leap in the dark, something that squandered wealth without making a profit. But with their vast experience, determination, extraordinary courage, and innovative spirit, the two founders built the factory into an industry benchmark.

From the year 2010-2020, opportunities and challenges coexist, the economic environment is becoming increasingly complex, and with the rise of global anti-trade and anti-globalization forces, the EU passed the Anti-Dumping Investigation Act in 2017. As a company with an international strategy, the difficulties are obvious and we have been greatly affected. It was at this time that we resolved to build our brand, DERUIZ, to overcome the difficulties and create better products through the power of openness, cooperation, progress, and innovation.

In 2020, COVID-19 ravaged the world and severely impacted the world economy. It was a year full of fear and anxiety, but also a year that embodied resilience and fearlessness, and there is no simple way to summarize its full picture. Medical supplies have been depleted, lives have been lost, cities have shut down and our world has come to an abrupt halt in the face of the sudden onslaught of the virus. New products LAVA and AMBER, which were set to be launched for the first time last year, were forced to be postponed.

As the global epidemic enters its second year, the fight against it remains difficult. We are still facing problems such as shortages of raw materials. After a year of difficult adaptation and recovery, we have made fuller preparations for this release of the two bicycles. We improved our raw materials and technology and adjusted our online sales strategy and new media operations to accommodate the changing lifestyles of people as a result of the epidemic norm.

Coronavirus has profoundly affected the course of human development. We have grown through reflection,exploring the connections between individuals and communities, humans and technology, the present and the future. Our aspiration and pursuit for a better life have not changed, and the wheel of history of peaceful development and win-win cooperation continues to roll forward. DERUIZ adheres to the concept of the common future of mankind and is committed to becoming a people-oriented company that takes the protection of the earth as its responsibility and provides customers with high-quality electric bicycles.

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