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    In July 2021, DERUIZ debuted its first two snow e-bikes, Lava and Amber, named after two minerals,volcanic rock, and fossil resin, symbolizing toughness, nobility, courage, and fearlessness towardspain. We wanted to give cyclists an experience like no other.

    LAVA blends rugged functionality with exceptional comfort.4.0″ thick tires for stability, perfect for off-road adventures. The Amber is easier to carry with its foldable top tube and handle,plus the 20-inch fat tires provide good shock absorption. All of this means this is a portable e-bike that you can ride for a long time on any road. With rugged fat tires, it’s known for its sturdy handling and reliable 30-75 mile battery range.

    The majesty of the great outdoors combined with the power of our multi-terrain electric bikes, with dynamic lines and refined quality through careful proportion and process tuning by visionary
    designers and great engineers. Driven by the spirit of in-depth research into style, innovative materials,and increasingly advanced construction methods,we will provide you with a full range of models in the future. We pursue strict quality control and professional after-sales service while providing consumers with cost-effective products.

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